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Large selection of DisplayPort cables, adapters, converters and accessories for connecting products with Displayport (DP) plugs and sockets.

DisplayPort is a brand new cable technology that eventually replaces the traditional DVI standard, which is most often used for computer and monitor connection. DisplayPort cables are available in an ordinary and a Mini-DisplayPort cable version that has significantly fewer connectors than the traditional connectors, and therefore has a significant advantage where space is a problem, for example on laptops.

The actual DisplayPort connectors are very similar to HDMI connectors in size and design (though not the same), and the standard is not directly compatible with HDMI and DVI. Of course, there are a large number of converters between DisplayPort and HDMI, DVI or VGA connectors.


DisplayPort cable
DisplayPort cable
DisplayPort multi cable
DisplayPort multi cable
DisplayPort switch
DisplayPort switch
DisplayPort splitter
DisplayPort splitter


DisplayPort - DVI
DisplayPort - DVI
DisplayPort - HDMI
DisplayPort - HDMI
DisplayPort - Mini DisplayPort
DisplayPort - Mini DisplayPort
DisplayPort - VGA
DisplayPort - VGA


Mini DisplayPort cable
Mini DisplayPort cable
Mini DisplayPort - DisplayPort
Mini DisplayPort - DisplayPort
Mini DisplayPort - DVI
Mini DisplayPort - DVI
Mini DisplayPort - HDMI
Mini DisplayPort - HDMI
Mini DisplayPort - VGA
Mini DisplayPort - VGA
DisplayPort cables and signals
Many do not necessarily attach great importance to their cables when connecting their computer to other devices. But there can be a big difference in what picture and sound quality one can obtain depending on the specific cable type.
Are you looking for a cable solution to connect your computer to a monitor and do you not want to compromise on image quality or audio experience? If so, a DisplayPort cable is probably the ideal solution for you.

The great advantage of DisplayPort is that it can be used for higher resolutions than one can with DVI, for example for larger monitors, with resolutions over full HD or 4K. However, there can be a limitation in the cable length.

DisplayPort is a competing standard for HDMI, where DisplayPort is primarily intended for computer equipment, and HDMI for AV and multimedia equipment (HD images, 3D, surround sound, remote control signals, etc.). Of course, you can convert between the standards with different converters and adapters.

The actual DisplayPort connector is very similar to an HDMI connector in size and design (without being the same) but is also not directly compatible with either HDMI or DVI. Of course, adapters and converters are available for the various standards. DisplayPort is a competitor to the HDMI standard, but it is more intended for use between a PC and monitor, where HDMI is primarily designed for AV and multimedia equipment.

In some cases, the Thunderbolt output on a Mac can be used as a DisplayPort connection as it is backward compatible.

What are DisplayPort Cables
The latest in cable technology is the so-called DisplayPort cables that set entirely new and unseen standards for efficient switching and transfer between devices - especially computers and monitors.
Based on the most advanced and leading-edge technology in the market, the DisplayPort standard combines a wide range of benefits to make it one of the most preferred, stable and compatible connectivity solutions to replace future cable technologies such as DVI and HDMI in the future.

DisplayPort technology (often abbreviated as DP) represents both an interface and a data connection that make electronic devices speak efficiently and smoothly together. The technology was developed in 2006 by the VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) as an alternative to and an upgraded version of the previous standards. Since version 1.0, the technology has undergone a rapid development towards the latest version called DisplayPort 1.4a. from 2018.

Although the HDMI technology continues to be the most widely used in various AV equipment, the DisplayPort solution is increasingly being used, as it can support extremely high-quality data transfer - up to 8K resolution.
This trend is particularly prevalent in the computer industry where the latest portable PCs are increasingly replacing the standard HDMI inputs. A development that is expected to continue.

HDMI or DisplayPort cables? Same, same - but very different
For the not so technically savvy, HDMI cables and DisplayPort cables may very well appear completely identical. And, while the two cable technologies are by far a close race, they differ in crucial points regarding their underlying and operational system.

HDMI and now also DisplayPort are the cable technology successor for the previous standard, Digital Visual Interface (DVI), which is still relatively widespread, but which is gradually being replaced in most electronic devices. Where DVI can handle analog and digital signals, however, only up to 7.92 Gbit/s, HDMI and DisplayPort distinguish themselves by being able to facilitate full digital high-speed connectivity - so-called "full digital standards" that can handle much higher data volumes.

Both an HDMI and DisplayPort cable is used to transfer image and sound in the same high quality - that is, full HD and Ultra HD video and video and crystal-clear surround sound. However, there are significant differences between the two technologies.

Also, the DisplayPort cable distinguishes itself by being able to facilitate multiple screen connections via the same cable, giving more freedom to connect various monitors or monitors simultaneously, with only one cable. A great advantage if, for example, you want to work with multi-screens in connection with computer games. One's screen must supports DisplayPort daisy chain.

Also, it should be noted that the DisplayPort technology is still entirely free, so that it is not subject to any charges as opposed to HDMI cables where a royalty fee is charged pr. unit.

Why choose a DisplayPort cable?
In addition to the above benefits, there are several other factors that make the DisplayPort cable an obvious and sensible choice. DisplayPort can serve a wealth of uses that relate to data transfer between electronic devices. Depending on the specific cable version, for example, you can enjoy, ultra-sharp image and video experiences, as the technology enables resolution in both 4K2K Ultra HD and 5K Ultra HD even up to 8K. In this way, a DisplayPort cable can catch up with even the very latest display technology on the market. Perfect for those who want to take your home theater experience or gaming setup to new heights.

However, the most common use today still belongs to the computer industry, where DisplayPort cables do particularly well in connecting PCs with various monitors. The Cable technology also supports 3D images and copy protection if this is needed. Also, the DisplayPort is typically smaller, design-wise, than the older DVI connectors, which makes it possible to incorporate DisplayPort inputs into even the smallest laptops on the market.

A wealth of DisplayPort cables and accessories can be found at AV Connection
No matter what type of DisplayPort cable you are looking for, you will undoubtedly find a model in our online range that matches your electronic devices. We sell a wide range of DisplayPort cables in different lengths and dimensions for maximum resolution.

In addition to regular DisplayPort cables and mini DisplayPort cables, we are also capable of supplying several DisplayPort adapters for both DVI and HDMI connectors as well as VGA connectors. This way, you avoid potential compatibility issues, and you can easily benefit from lightning fast data transfer rates and, not least, ultra-sharp image and sound quality in your home.

Explore our online range on this site and order your new DisplayPort cable today so you (or rather your electronic devices) can have some great connections.


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